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Standard search

The standard search features three methods for finding artists, records and songs in the popmusicinfo database.

The first is to search for an artist or a group by selecting "Artist/Group" (default setting) in the searchbox at the top of the page. You will get a search result containing the number of records that the artist/group has released, the number of songs/recordings performed, the number of songs/recordings produced and finally the number of songs/recordings that the artist/group has composed. Click the name of the artist to display more information about the artist. From the detailed view of the artist there are many links to the records that the artist has relation to and other things. Observe that no more than 20 search results are displayed on each page, click "next" and "previous" to browse through the search result.

The second is to select "Record Title" in the search box and enter the name of a certain record/album that you are looking for. The search result will show the title of the record, the artist that released it, the media type (EP/LP etc), the country/land that the record was released in and the year it was released. Click on the record title or the artist to display more information. It is also possible to click on the column headers to change the sort order in the result. If you click a header two times you will reverse the sort order on that column.

The third way to use the standard search is to search for a song/recording title by selecting "Song Title" in the search box. The search result will now show the title of the song, the artist that recorded it and the recording date. Click on the title or the artist to see more information. In the same way as the search for record titles, you may change the sort order by clicking on the column headers.

Advanced search.

The advanced search features a lot more options for finding your favourite music! The options available in the advanced search are:

- Advanced search for an artist/group.
- Advanced search for a record.
- Advanced search for a song.
- Advanced search based on record companies.


If possible, do not try to enter the full title of a record/artist. If you look for "SERGEANT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND", try to identify something that you donīt think occurs in other titles as you will get no match if you type SGT instead of SERGEANT (both spellings are available!). Try searching for "pepper" instead and see how many hits you will get!