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 About PopMusicInfo was launched in 2001 and since then our ambition has been to run a comprehensive database of artists, songs, records from the 1960's. We focus mainly on English, Swedish and US artists but there are others as well. Even though the main focus is the 60's, also covers a lot of music from the 1950's as well as the 1970's and onwards.

Within you can search for an artist, a song title, a composer, a producer, a record label, a record catalogue number etc. When you've found your answer you can easily go on by using links to, as an example, an artist's songs and records.

You will be able to find answers to questions like:
- What songs were released by The Animals during 1964?
- When was 'Yesterday' by the Beatles recorded?
- What were the tracks on the Hollies album "Butterfly"?
- What track was on the B-side of "House of the Rising Sun"?
- Who composed "California Dreaming"?
- Who produced "Those Were the Days"?
- Has the Adam Faith LP-album "Faith Alive" been re-released on CD
 ... and is it still available?
- What single records were released by the Rolling Stones in Sweden?
- What EP-records were released on the Columbia label in UK 1963?

News and history on!
On our start page we will present news about the artists and the music within You will get news about new releases, re-releases etc. Every day we will also present pop-history by telling you "Today it's 30 years since." etc.

Links within
As a special service to our users we will also show a variety of links to artists homepages, to similar websites for pop music, to magazines, record companies, fan clubs etc.

Add your knowledge to
Our users will be able to add facts to our database to make it as complete and correct as possible. Rate your favourite records
As a registered user of you may rate your favourite records and you will be able to see what other users rate as their favourite records.

Our responsibility for the information within the database
Our ambition is, of course, to give you as complete and as correct information as possible. We can, however, never give any guarantees for the information within the database. In some cases there are no absolute facts to present, as pop music history isn't always too well documented. We give often only a year as indication of when a track was recorded or released, as we do not know the exact day or in many cases not even the month of recording or release.

The database is owned by Olander Music & IT AB in Sweden and was designed for the Internet by the Swedish IT-company Sigma Exallon AB, a member of the Sigma company group.

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Staffan Olander

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